Lift on Lift off Intermodal.

Our skilled team members take pride in handling all your Lift On/Lift Off needs by taking into careful consideration both container handling and timely departures. We want you to feel at ease each time a train leaves the yard knowing each container undergoes meticulous screening.

We have experience with a variety of intermodal cranes to support our mission of preventative safety standards, skillful equipment handling, and on-time train departures. Our highly trained and knowledgeable assemblers are able to maneuver between equipment without delay. We have ample experience with many manufacturers including Taylor, Hoist, Letourneau, Linde, and MI Jack. In addition, we provide other services including chassis stacking and racking as well as refrigerated unit inspections and refueling.

Rail Logistics, Inc. boasts the best customer service in the industry. We are mindful of your scheduling needs and look forward to demonstrating our expertise to keep you on time every time!

Gate Inspections.

With the right combination of friendliness and diligence, our gate service professionals guarantee drivers a highly organized, meticulous and thorough inspection experience. Our customer service extends to every nook and cranny of our business. Drivers can expect courteous communication with efficient execution of all the steps and procedures necessary to safely send drivers onto their next destination.

Our inspectors follow strict guidelines of properly cataloging driver numbers, completing inventory reviews, assessing and photographing both in-gate and out-gate equipment damage, cross-checking hazmat paperwork, and proficiently communicating load plans with the yard manager, assembly team, and gate operators. Our seasoned team is expertly trained in SIMS (AGS gating, manual gating, load planning, and billing) and currently undergoing intensive training in OPTICS.

With this much attention to detail, it’s no wonder our terminals experience low dwell time and satisfied drivers!

Chassis and Container Maintenance

From minor repairs to major overhauls, our mechanics will handle all your chassis and container maintenance needs. Our M&R team members are highly qualified and eager to handle a full range of chassis services and maintenance solutions. Our mechanics take pride in their work and do so with respect, integrity, and honesty. We want you to feel confident knowing that our technicians meet AAR standards and continually follow the industry’s most trusted training programs, including:

  • IICL
  • Wheel End Installation
  • Heavy Duty Foundation Brakes
  • Crewson Automatic Brake Adjuster Maintenance
  • Grit Guard
  • Crewson ABA Installation
  • In House-Welding (Arc and Mig) and Cutting
  • Tire Safety
  • Electrical Troubleshooting (ABS Systems)

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